Frequently Asked Questions about our Training


Who is this training for? +

The training is designed specifically for business owners who have experienced the ups and downs of marketing, believe they can get far greater results for their marketing efforts, and feel like there is a lot to manage with their face to face and online marketing.

We have worked with authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, social media experts, musicians, retailers, wholesalers, realtors, manufacturers, publishers and pretty much every type of business you can imagine.

Some of the people we have worked with have been very well known.  Many of our clients were unknown and grew to become top in their industry as a result of our training.

Can’t I just hire someone to do this for me? +

Knowledge is power. It is a misconception to think that others should handle your marketing. If you cannot clearly explain what needs to be done and why it needs to be done, you are giving control of your business to someone else.

Once you understand it from a high level, then you can certainly hire someone to do it. Even in our full service agency, when a client hires us to implement for them, we also include a ton of education and training.  This keeps our client informed and in charge.

We believe you should be in control of your business in every area and this means making the time to understand what needs to be implemented.

Once you understand it, you can easily delegate it.  In fact, we show you exactly which pieces can be delegated as you move through the training.

How long is the training? +

The training is ongoing.  You stay in as long as you like.  We have students that have been with us for years because they want to continually learn new things for their businesses.

Each month we give you 4 new training modules, special assignments, monthly coaching and the community interaction and support.

Many of our business owners have had breakthrough results with the very first module.  With each module we see different results generated for different businesses at different levels.

There are greater benefits to members who stay.  Not only are you increasing the results within your business, but we also offer “cross promoting” within our community for members who have implemented a specific number of modules.

Cross promoting means you can explode your exposure and reach through other members.  Keep in mind, there are requirements you must have in place to play the cross promoting game.

We invite you to consider staying for a minimum of a year.  Within the year, you will be able to setup your marketing system completely.  Each piece you implement will help you profit more from what you are already doing.

This means, you don’t have to wait for a full year to see the return on your investment.  Instead, you learn then implement then profit from each module.  Within a year or less, you will have your full marketing system setup and understand how to properly leverage it each day.

How much does it cost? +

The real question, is what is the value of this training?

•  4 Training Modules per month with Step by Step Assignments ($400 value)

•  1 Hour Interactive Group Coaching with the Trainers each month ($500 value)

•  Ongoing support from the community and coaches ($100 value)

•  This is easily a $1,000 per month value.

For as little as $47/mo you can have full access to the training, coaching and networking with this community.  You are given a step by step roadmap to get you from where you are to having a business with a proven marketing system generating results.

If you were to gain one referral, one lead or one sale from implementing what you learn from this training each month, you would easily pay for the training.

Once you set it up, you get to profit for life. Click here to get started.

What does my monthly membership include? +
  • 4 Training Modules with Step by Step Assignments – one delivered to your member’s area each week and you are notified through email when it is ready.
  • 1 Hour Interactive Group Coaching with the Trainers.  This is a live, online webinar where you can ask any question you have around the assignments, online marketing, marketing, sales, etc.  If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will find someone who does.
  • Ongoing support from the community and coaches.  The networking alone is worth the price of admission.
How long will it take for me to see the results? +

It really depends on you.  Every business is unique.  How well you implement is really the key.  We have members who had complete breakthroughs in the first module.

In fact, with every module we hear members sharing results.

We know that doing the same thing over and over again generates the same results.

With this training, we are able to help you shift what you are doing so you can generate results.  What most business owners discover is that they were already sitting on a TON of referrals, leads and sales but got so busy in their business they weren’t able to see them.

We help you uncover those hidden gems that are already there AND create even more opportunities for growth. It really is exciting to hear all the amazing results from our members.

Again, don’t take our word for it.  Look at our reviews and then “try us on” - CLICK HERE TO READ OUR RAVE REVIEWS.

How is this different from all the other training I see? +

These are the TOP 8 things that make us different (and there are more!):

  • We generate results that last a lifetime.  Whether it is helping you get ranked to the top of the search engines for your keyword phrase or getting ongoing referrals from the connections you already have, we generate results.  These are real and consistent results that position you as a TOP expert.

We know things change:  the economy, the Internet, the Search Engines and the Social Networks.  The system we teach has proven to work no matter what change happens.  This means the system we teach today will absolutely work for you for a life time; if you work it.  And as the technology changes, we update our online courses.  So your ongoing membership provides you with the peace of mind that you can keep up with a changing world.

  • There is no other company, that we know of, putting all the pieces together.  Instead of learning about different ways of marketing your business and then trying to figure out how they all work together, we show you exactly what to do and how it fits together.  Imagine combining your face to face marketing with your online marketing and being able to easily manage all the moving parts.
  • We absolutely care about our members.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we teach and finding ways to make it easier for our members to implement what we teach.  We invest an enormous amount of time supporting each of our members through the process.
  • We make a point to teach what we actually do.  We find a lot of trainers out there teach “theories”.  They tell you what to do and then leave off how to actually implement.  The main reason is because they don’t actually do what they teach.  We break everything down into step by step directions.  It is so simple that a 6 year old was able to implement.
  • We are some of the most accomplished experts in the industry.  We know this stuff like the back of our hand.  For over 20 years, we have been DOING internet marketing, teaching sales and marketing and generating SIGNIFICANT results for thousands of entrepreneurs.
  • Did we mention we generate results?  Don’t take our word for it – just take a look at our online reviews, written testimonials and the raving videos from our students.  (Link to RAVE REVIEWS)
  • We put our money where our mouth is.  We offer a Money Back Guarantee.  (Link to Money Back Guarantee).  We know what we teach works when it is implemented and we GUARANTEE it.
  • We believe relationships should be for life.  We treat each of our students like they are the most important person in our training….because they are.  We know if we take great care of each student we can earn their trust, referrals and business for life.
What gives you the right to train? +

Not only have our peers recognized us as being OUTSTANDING in our area of expertise... our students have consistently RAVED about what our training has done for their business.


What proof do you have this actually works? +

This is what actually makes us the most excited.  We have hundreds of case studies, testimonials and videos from our students who share how our training works.  Check out our Rave Reviews here.

Can I send my assistant to this training? +

Yes, you can send your assistant to this training.  However, the business owners who benefit the most are the ones who go through the training with the assistant and then work with the assistant to get all of the pieces implemented.

It is a misconception to think that others should handle your marketing. If you cannot clearly explain what needs to be done and why it needs to be done, you are giving control of your business to someone else.  It is important to understand it at a high level so that, if things are off track, you can easily understand why and make the right corrections.