Consistently helping business owners leverage one easy to manage marketing system for over 14 years

Our Training Works.

For over 14 years, we have been training entrepreneurs to maximize their marketing results.  Consistently, we show business owners how to leverage ONE marketing system to help them manage their face to face marketing as well as their online marketing.

We believe in having one comprehensive marketing strategy to manage all of the MANY pieces.  Whether you are attending networking events, speaking to promote your business, have a Facebook page or use your website to market your business, all of these pieces can be MAGNIFIED when they work together.

What we Teach

For small business owners, there is a ton of marketing information out there.  We have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to generate breakthrough results in a short amount of time and on a tight budget.  From this experience, we know exactly what a successful business needs in terms of marketing.

We teach entrepreneurs how to refine their marketing focus so they can recognize, and capitalize on, their unique niche.  We teach them how to put together their messaging in a way that makes them stand out and become the “ROCKSTAR” of their industry.

Just by reviewing the “basics” in a new way, we have helped businesses improve their results.  Many times, we are just one piece away from having a breakthrough in our business.

We connect all the pieces together.

Once we get the marketing message clear, we create a foundation that connects all of the pieces, face-to-face and online.  Each piece implemented helps a business move faster and generate more leads, referrals and sales.

We extend the effectiveness of marketing with the help of Social Media and properly leveraging Social Networks.  We create a simple system so a business can easily manage all of their online efforts in an hour a day or less.  In fact, we show a business owner exactly how to delegate and train their assistants to manage their system once it is properly setup.

How we Teach

The teacher is only as good as how well a student can implement what is taught. We have made it our top priority to break down each piece into “easy to digest” modules.

Each module consists of a video that explains the what, the why and the how. We then give “special assignments” to implement what the video just taught. Each special assignment is broken down into easy-to-follow, step by step instructions.

WOW! Two amazing students: a six year old who set up her own blog and an 80 year old used our training to grow her business. Yes, anyone can do this!

Did we mention we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same?

We consistently hear how much support we give each of our students. The truth is we really do care about each of our students. We go to great lengths to make sure they are actually implementing what they are learning.

In addition to the training, we also provide a monthly LIVE group coaching webinar. You get to interact with the trainers and ask your own questions to keep you moving forward.

We also have a private, online community where the trainers and students support each other. We interact and answer any question you may have, while cheering you on to keep going.

We know success comes from implementing and we do everything possible to make sure each student, no matter what their level, is able to implement what we teach.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our actual business owners who have gone through the training say about us.