3 Tips to Help You Manage Your Time Better

Manage Your Time Better

William Penn once said: “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”. If he was alive today, he definitely would not like social media! Nowadays, it is the number one distraction and a big time-killer.

Social media has the power to stop you from being productive and make you forget all about the time. Everything becomes a hundred times worse if your actual job involves social media. If you are a blogger or social media marketer, there’s no way you can keep away from the social media. You always need to write more content, curate more articles, make more connections, respond to more comments, and engage in more communities. The tasks are neverending.

So, how do you organize the time to get everything done? Here are three great tips that will help you give your productivity a boost!

1.Be Prepared

You need to start managing your time before you actually start working. Would you start a business without a business plan? Probably not. Your day is the same – you cannot start an efficient and productive day without coming up with a plan beforehand.

  • Write up a task list the day before. If you write down the things you have to do ahead of time, you will reduce the stress your brain is faced with, thus boosting productivity. Having a plan for the next day increases cognitive function, allows a more restful sleep, and improves brainstorming abilities.
  • Prioritize. As soon as you have compiled a task list, prioritize the tasks. This increases flexibility as it becomes more clear which tasks are less important and don’t require your full attention. Some people tend to spend too much time working on and perfecting things that are not top priority. By taking away the focus on these tasks and instead spending time on tasks that are more important, you will become more productive.
  • Pre-plan your content. Quite often, bloggers sit down and just begin typing up their articles without having a clear direction or idea about what they want to write. This is not as effective as outlining your ideas on paper before getting started on the writing. If you have a clear article structure, your mind can focus on creating excellent content.

Pre-plan your content

2. Be More Productive

Don’t deny it – you procrastinate! In fact, we all do. Fortunately, it’s possible to still be productive by engaging the tasks in such a way that does not allow room for procrastination.

  • Do The Unpleasant Tasks First. Most management specialists recommend doing the most unpleasant tasks first, and this is actually backed by science. Behavioral scientists have found out that putting the unpleasant parts of the process in the very beginning actually creates a very pleasant experience. That’s because our brains prefer it when experiences become more enjoyable over time. When we accomplish the tasks we do not want to do, we have a more enjoyable and productive day afterwards.
  • Get Rid of Distractions. Everyone is bad at handling distractions, and there is proof of that. The American Psychological Association performed a study that showed that even small interruptions that last about 5 seconds increase the number of errors in post-interruption tasks by as much as three times. So, you will only be able to be productive if you work in an environment that has few distractions.
  • Make Time For Breaks. It may sound strange, but you will actually get more done if you make time for breaks. In fact, The Scientific American did several studies on the matter and found out that brief periods of rest replenish the brain’s stored attention, which in turn improves performance and boosts productivity and creativity.

3. Be Proficient

Some people think that productivity is just effective time management. However, it also involves using all the available tools to free up more time you can use on other tasks. This is especially important if you work closely with social media. Spending too much time on it might actually hurt your business instead of helping it. Here is what you can do:

  • Automate, automate, automate. Although setting up a feed that automatically publishes content to networks is great, true automation comes in the form of increasing the valuability of your profile so that it is valuable even if you are not online. There are many automation tools available. One of them is Triberr, a great tool for scheduling content and generating connections. Buffer is another superb tool as it lets you effectively curate and schedule your articles throughout the day.
  • Schedule Your Social Time. Having some tool publish your articles even if you’re online is fantastic, but that does not mean that you don’t have to check in. Schedule a specific time to log in and engage with everyone. If that time is pre-scheduled, you do both: connect and engage with your audience and effectively focus on the other aspects of your job instead of getting distracted to check up on social media.
  • Set Up a Timer. Social Media has the power to make time disappear, and that is why a timer can be such a huge life-saver. Having a timer allows you to still engage on social media while staying focused. Knowing that your time online is limited will help you focus on the conversations and tasks that are most important. But remember to turn off social media as soon as the timer goes off!
  • Be Flexible. Keep in mind that life is not aware of your schedule, and no matter how effective your planning and scheduling is, there is still no way to avoid unexpected changes and distractions every once in awhile. They will still appear and take you away from your work. It is these unexpected things that are the main reason for prioritization and automation. If you automate what you can and do all the most important tasks first, it is easier to rearrange your schedule if such a need arises.

Being a productive and organized can be extremely hard if you work as a blogger or in social media, but it is possible. It all comes down to learning to use time effectively!

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