7 Excuses People Have For Not Using Email Marketing

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The world has been using email for years now, and even though numerous new ways to communicate and do marketing have been introduced, email still remains the best choice. That is not surprising as it has the best possible ROI (return on investment) of all marketing techniques.

What is surprising is that there are still many people who refuse to see this. There are still marketers and business owners out there who do not use email and don’t even realize that they’re missing out on the best opportunity. Here are a few stupid excuses people have for not taking advantage of email marketing.

1. Email marketing is the future and we are planning on getting into it.

This is not true! Email marketing is not the future; it’s the present! It is, currently, a superb way to drive profits and revenue from your prospects and clients. Therefore, email needs to be taken advantage of RIGHT NOW and not sometime in the future.

2. Email marketing is no longer alive. It has been replaced by social media.

This is another mistake. Yes, social media is incredibly popular, but that does not mean that the two cannot coexist. On the contrary, social media has even strengthened email’s proposition. Social media is fantastic for communication and engagement, but it is not the place for sales venues. After all, nobody wants to be sold to in such a social environment. That is not the case with email. Email is expected to be a sales place, and people accept and sometimes even welcome being marketed to.

3. Email marketing is no longer alive. It has been replaced by mobile.

It is true that more than half of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices, but just like with social media, mobile does nothing to hurt email. In fact, mobile has made the inbox available on the go and outside your home computer. This means that it has made it possible to reach your subscribers at a time and in a place where they are more likely to make a decision to buy. It is safe to say that the mobile has only strengthened email marketing’s position.

4. I want to try email marketing. Is it possible to buy a list of contacts?

Come on- that would be too easy! You can’t just buy an email list because whether your email campaign is successful or not depends on whether the recipients have consented to getting emails from you. Buying a list does not give permission to send out sales emails to the people, and even if you do, your campaign will soon become a spam campaign.

5. I want to wait until I’ve accumulated a substantial list of contacts before I send out my campaign.

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Nowadays, many people don’t keep their emails for too long. In fact, the average age of an email address is a year and a half. So, if you sit and wait until you have a long list of emails, many of the emails you have collected will become useless. Also, the majority of people have too many things going on to remember everything and everyone. So, if you wait too long after you’ve met or communicated with someone, they may no longer remember who you are. So, be sure to email your subscribers right after they sign up or make the purchase.

6. I do email marketing by sending out a monthly newsletter.

Yes, monthly newsletters are a great part of any marketing strategy, but they should never be the only strategy. Newsletters do not drive much engagement because, in most cases, they are an afterthought that does not offer the subscriber high quality content. Email marketing can give you incredibly high ROI, but only if you offer your audience what they want or need. So, take your time and focus all your energy on engaging, relevant, and timely campaigns.

7. I decided to concentrate on paid search instead.

It is true that paid search can be a superb acquisition channel, but it also comes with a large cost. In fact, there is no guarantee that the profit you get will cover the high cost of each individual click. Email marketing, on the other hand, drives repeat orders and increases the customer’s lifetime value. It can be considered the profitable component of the more expensive acquisition techniques.

Do any of the answers mentioned above sound familiar? If so, it’s not too late to kick start your email marketing campaign and get your business where it needs to be.

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