7 Fantastic Social Media Monitoring Tips

One of the things the media is constantly talking about is privacy. Whether it’s NSA’s mass surveillance program, social media, or something else, privacy seems to be a much talked about and controversial topic. Whatever your stance on privacy, it cannot be denied that social media is a huge source of information and a huge asset to any business. It is a real jackpot for marketers who can use social media monitoring to get closer to their target marketing . Here are a few fantastic social media monitoring tips that can really help you spy just as well as NSA does.


Why Does Social Media Monitoring Matter?

When social media monitoring is done correctly, it can have huge benefits for your business. It can help you keep track of industry trends, find out about your competition, and get an unbiased view about your business. It gives you a chance to hear what people are saying about your brand, whether good or bad. If it’s bad, you can address the negativity and prevent it from hurting your business. Social media monitoring can also help improve the company’s customer service.

Here are 7 Fantastic Social Media Monitoring Tips:

1. See Who’s Sharing Content From Your Site
It is possible to see the list of people who are sharing your content by simply typing your site domain into the Twitter search. Twitter can see the real domain, even if it is shortened by services such as Bit.ly. The same is true for Pinterest and Google Plus. You can also use the many monitoring tools available .

2. Find People Who Are Sharing Content Where You Are Mentioned
If there is a post that mentions you, you can easily track it down and see who is sharing it and what exactly they are saying. Just take the URL and post it inside Twitter. This is a great opportunity to see what people think about you and to interact with them.

3. Find People Who Are Sharing Your Guest Blog Post Through Twitter
If you wrote a guest blog, you will want to connect with the people who shared it and thank them for doing it. This way, you can leverage your guest blogging efforts on big sites or blogs to get new people to connect with you and possibly even follow you. So, as soon as you see that someone has shared your content, thank, follow, and add them to a Twitter list.

4. Use FollowerWonk To Understand Your Followers
FollowerWonk is a fantastic tool that makes it possible to see a breakdown of the words that appear the most in your followers’ biographies. This can help you gain an insight into whether your strategy is in line with your target audience. If it is not, it’s these words that can help you understand what changes need to be made and what direction – followed.

5. Create A Twitter List of Competitors & Industry Leaders
Twitter lists are a fantastic way to organize your connections, but keep in mind that it’s a good idea to create a separate twitter list for your competitors and influencers in your industry. That way, you will be well informed about everything that is going on within your industry.

6. Use SocialMention To See What People Are Saying
This is the simplest and most basic tip to follow, but it is also a really helpful one. SocialMention is a fantastic tool when it comes to seeing what other people are saying about you on different social networks. It even accesses data from Facebook, which is otherwise difficult to find.

7. Use TweetBe.at to Find Super-Targeted Followers
TweetBe.at is an amazing tool for social media monitoring as it gives you the information you need and saves a tonn of time. It allows you to scan targeted Twitter profiles’ followers and find followers from a specific geographic area. Thus, local businesses can use this tool to find potential customers who live in their area and are interested in their industry. The tool even lets you further narrow down your search by typing in a word that you want to appear in the person’s bio. However, keep in mind that the tool can only search a batch of 20 Twitter users at a time. That means that if you do a very specific search, you many not get many results.

Here are a few other helpful social media monitoring and information gathering tools you can use:
● Hootsuite
● Sprout Social
● Social Mention
● Twilert
● FollowerWonk
● Google Alerts

Here is a great infographic with all of the social media monitoring tips in one place.

7 Ways Your Business

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