7 Great Content Marketing Tips Small Businesses Can Use

There are numerous content marketing tools that corporate marketers use, including e-books, how-to’s, comparison guides, etc. Although small businesses have usually been slow to adapt these techniques, they need to do so in order to retain good rankings and compete with the corporate marketers. Here are seven great content marketing tips that can help small businesses excel at content marketing and avoid some common mistakes.

1. Make a Content Marketing Calendar

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Statistics show that more than half of marketers claim that they don’t have a content marketing calendar because it takes them too much time. However, statistics also show that only 44% of all marketers have ever tried it. Many marketers often overlook this simple yet extremely effective strategy, and that’s a shame because a content calendar is a fantastic way to ensure that content is created on time. Having the content scheduled for the month sets aside time to brainstorm, strategize, create, and publish content.

See What Works

It is important to know what kind of content works and what kind doesn’t before you ever look for inspiration elsewhere. You can use tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster to see which pages are getting the most traffic. You can also do a search to see what content is the best performing and what keywords were used to find it.

It is possible to get a clear look into high-performing content by looking at social statistics and using services such as AddThis. This is a tool that embeds sharing buttons on blogs and allows them to track information. There are numerous other dashboards that let you see the number of shares as well as the clickbacks they get. You can use these tools to see what type of content was the most successful and use that information to create the right kind of content strategy for the future.

Understand Social Trends for Newsjacking

Social media is all about the here and the now, and therefore can be used as a source of trending topics. Businesses that newsjack, or build their content publishing strategy around real-time topics, provide valuable content to audiences who are looking for it.

Both Twitter and Facebook have already introduced trending topics and made it easier to see what’s popular at the moment. If you want to see what’s trending locally, you can use Trendsmap, a great tool which shows trending news on a map with data taken from Twitter.

Don’t just post trending content – go a step further and enhance the content, either by adding an infographic or video to it, by taking a controversial stance, or discussing different sides of the story.

Make a Survey

A simple survey can be a great addition to your newsfeed. It has several advantages. First and foremost, a survey will let you get your audience’s opinion on a matter – something you can later use to come up with topics for your articles and infographics. As a result, you can get backlinks to the content and get a reputation as a best source of information in your niche. Surveys are also popular among the majority of the public. People just love to vote for the best choice. Fortunately, there are several tools, such as Google Consumer Surveys and SurveyMonkey Audience that make it extremely easy to create surveys.


Use Graphics

Search engines can only process text and that is what SEO is all about. However, visual content should also be a big part of any content marketing strategy. People are more prone to notice, understand, and respond to visual content than text because 90% of all information that enters the brain is visual. Thus, it’s not surprising that posts with graphics get 94% more views than plain text.

Many marketers were surveyed and the results showed that graphics are the easiest form of content for them to create. So, use previous research to create new infographics or add images to your posts or blogs. This will increases the chances of your content getting noticed and read.

Create a Video Blog

Videos can also be a powerful component of a successful content marketing strategy that is consistent, valuable, and entertaining to the audience. Statistics show that three fourths of people watch at least one online video a week, and half of the people watch at least one online video a day. Why not take advantage of that?

The great news is that starting a video blog is an extremely easy, fast, and cheap process. You can use your own personal web camera or smartphone to shoot a short video. This will be easy for you to make and simple for your audience to digest. Moreover, most video blogs require very little editing and can be posted online right away. It is also incredibly effective. Animoto did a study that showed that videos persuade 73% of consumers to invest in the product or service the video features.

Reuse Old Content

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to constantly create new content, and that’s not a problem. Reusing and repurposing old content is not only an acceptable but an effective part of a content marketing strategy. You can gather several of your previous articles or graphics that share the same topic or theme and package it together with a blog post. You will not have to come up with anything new while your readers will still see a lot of value in such posts and find them informative and easy to process. Old content can also be repurposed through updates. There is a constant stream of new information and developments, meaning that you can revisit an old post and update it with the new information.


Content marketing is a crucial part of SEO as it engages the audience and urges them to share the content. That is why both big and small businesses need to pay special attention to it. Although this might be more difficult for a small business, it is still possible to have an extremely successful content marketing strategy.

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