9 Simple Tips For Creating Valuable Content Daily

A lot of great content is fantastic, but what your business really needs is more than just great content – it’s content that your customers will actually love! However, so many bloggers and business owners tend to ignore this fact and instead focus all of their energy on creating more and more content. What they usually don’t realize is that success does not lie in frequency, and that quality is much more beneficial to a blog or business than quantity.

Content value is in no way impacted by the frequency of posts. That’s because the majority of business owners and bloggers publish self oriented content, one that’s incredibly valuable to them and their business but not to their general audience and are surprised when it fails to get any traction. Self-oriented, self-indulgent content has little value for the audience, no matter how good its professional production or technical quality. It becomes a mere waste of time for the blog or site visitor, guaranteeing that they probably will never come back.

So, what is the one thing content has to do to be considered valuable to the audience?

It must give simple answers to everyday questions.

Content marketing is not created for scientists or astronauts – it’s made for the common people for the purpose of answering the current everyday questions they have. That is why valuable content must give simple answers to everyday questions the audience about your product or service.

Creating content that’s valuable to your audience is not at all hard. But you need to make sure that quality is always your priority, not quantity. But what if you need quantity? What if you have to post content every day and still have it bring value to your readers?

Here Are 9 Fantastic Tips for Posting Top Quality Content Every Day

1. Make an Editorial Calendar.

The one thing you want to avoid is confusion as it can become your biggest distraction from work. That is why you need an editorial calendar to help you stay prepared. After all, the last thing you want is to show up and not know which questions you’ll be answering. An editorial calendar will help you have all questions scheduled ahead of time, no matter how many days in a row you are planning to post fresh content.

2. Use Videos

Many users don’t take advantage of videos because they consider them too difficult or too time consuming to make. That’s a huge mistake. You will only need about twenty minutes to half an hour to film a two minute video blog, edit it, and upload it. That’s a lot less time than the time it will take you to write a 500-750 word article. Making a video can save a lot of time and it’s extremely easy. Not only that but videos blog can also make a brand look more personal and likable, not to mention the fact that Google loves videos.

Use Videos

3. Don’t Stray From The Topic

Organize your writing or video in such a way that all the similar topics and subtopics are grouped together. If you write or answer questions in random order, it will be difficult for you and your audience to remember what you said and how you said it. Any unorganized article or video just looks unprofessional and disjointed if the topics are covered in random order.

4) Steal From Others

You should never plagiarize or violate copyright law, but that does not mean that you can’t take ideas, thoughts, and strategies from other people and use them in your own articles or videos. We are influenced and impacted by what’s around us and it’s alright to let those surroundings become inspiration for what you create.

5) Create Several Pieces of Content at Once

Even if you have to publish a piece of content a day, that does not mean you need to create one a day. In fact, doing that is very unproductive. There are too many unexpected things and tasks that pop up each day and give us an excuse to avoid making the post. So create content in batches. Dedicate a whole day to creating videos or writing posts. Then spend another day uploading it, editing, and scheduling the content. The entire process will be faster and more effective.

6) Have a Clear Formula

Don’t reinvent the wheel with each post. Have a clear formula you adhere to with all of them and stick to it. For example, you can use a simple formula such as : Headline, Image, Intro, Video, Transcription, Call-to-Action, Recap, Conclusion. Your posts may look similar, but that will only reinforce your branding. Many readers will even appreciate the consistency because they will know what they can expect from each post. Moreover, it’s the video or the main article that really matters, not the way it’s formatted.

7) Have a Purpose

This is a very important tip. Have a purpose to all of your posts and don’t create posts just for the sake of creating them. That will be a complete waste of your time. The only time you should post for the sake of posting is if there’s a specific goal you are trying to achieve. In that case, make it clear to your audience what you want from them.

8) Embrace Your Flaws

When you are doing your videos, know that there is always room for a little human error. Try to limit your filler words, such as “ums” and “ahs” but don’t punish yourself too much for using them. Just focus on answering the questions to the best of your ability on and sharing your knowledge. If what you’re saying is interesting enough, few people will notice it if you “um” and “ah” once in awhile.

9) Get help

If you have a huge project, such as one that requires you to post content every single day, it’s crucial that you have help. Have someone else there who can get behind the camera or write the post to fill in for you. This will help you stay sane and avoid getting burned out, not to mention that it’s good for branding.

It’s usually not a very good idea to create fresh content every day, but if you really need to, use these 9 great tips to turn your content strategy into a success.

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