Are You a Product Pusher or an Expert at Facebook Groups?


Facebook Groups are an incredibly powerful way to build your business. If you use them correctly you will find that they can help you build relationships, network with amazing professionals, and create the right kind of influence online. On the flip side, you can also turn people off in a big way, look like a spammer, and even get banned from a group forever.

So, where do you find Facebook Groups?

When you log into Facebook from the Home Section, you will see “groups” on the left side. If you hold your mouse over the word “groups”, you will see a “MORE” link. When you click on it, you will see a dashboard with all the groups you manage (if you started any) as well as any you are a member of.

Because your friends can easily add you to groups, you might be a member of some groups you don’t even remember. So, make a point to leave groups you are not actively participating in.

1. The rule of thumb is: be an ACTIVE member of 3-5 groups.
I like to think of these as my networking groups. Just as you would be a member of a local Chamber organization or a trade specialty group and go to their weekly or monthly meetings, do the same for your Facebook groups. If you don’t have time to invest in the group – don’t join it!

Many professionals get themselves into trouble because they have a “get rich quick” mindset. However, there is NO SUCH THING as getting rich quick. In fact, the number one thing that differentiates millionaires and billionaires from everyone else is their ability to network effectively. In other words, it’s their ability to effectively build quality relationships.
For a moment, consider every IMPORTANT relationships in your life. Whether it is a significant other, a business partner, a key client, or a close friend, think about how many hours you have invested in that relationship. It’s no secret that building a strong relationship requires some time. Fortunately, maintaining a relationship takes far less time.

2. Facebook Groups are an excellent way of building QUALITY relationships as long as you are ready to put in the time.
I always found it interesting that many professionals get online and think the rules are different there. I am confident that many of them have no clue that they are supposed to build relationships online, just like they would in real life. Instead, they click in and out all over the place, automate group updates, and basically “phone in their networking time”.
Just imagine that instead of going to a group or organization, you were to just call in and say: “Hey there, just wanted you to announce my name and business to the group today.” Would that get the response and results you want? Nope it wouldn’t!

To help you maximize the time you spend with groups, here are some basic suggestions that will help you GROW your business instead of pushing people away from it. When it comes to networking online, you are either a product pusher or a professional expert. What do you think each of their profiles looks like?

Product pushers:

Product Pushers

● Show up with their own agenda.
● Want to see how fast they can get someone to buy their product/service.
● Are always promoting their own stuff and could care less about anyone else because they have sales to make.
● If you let them know they are coming off as a spammer, they will argue with you and tell you that you will never succeed (Oh yeah….this has actually happened to me)!
● Expect things to happen instantly.
● Have no clue how to develop a relationship that is built on trust and respect.
● They are probably the same people who go to networking events and run around the room shoving their business cards at anyone they think might give them attention.

On the flip side, the Professional Expert actually shows up.

Professional Experts:

  • Value giving to others.
  • Understand that relationships take some time to nurture.
  • Know that even one key relationship can mean a lifetime of referrals.
  • Appreciate quality over quantity.
  • Understand the law of reciprocity
  • Listen first, give second, and expect nothing in return…..and yet, seem to get all the referrals!
  • They are probably the same people who go to networking events and are regarded as top business professionals. People turn to them for advice and appreciate the value they bring every time they show up.

How are you showing up in Facebook groups? How would you like to show up? If you are still reading, it means that, most likely, you are a Professional Expert. In that case here are a few simple yet fantastic strategies and tips to help you use Facebook groups to grow your business.

  1. Plan to attend and be an active member of a group for at least a year.
  2. Ask yourself: “what value can I bring to the group?” This will mean finding Facebook groups that either have your target market, a group of potential referral sources (people who share your target market but are not competitors), or peers, such as speakers, authors, realtors, etc.
  3. When you get into the group read the description. Typically they will have “rules of conduct” for the group.
  4. Under NO circumstances should you post anything about yourself. People will naturally want to learn more about as you begin to contribute.
  5. Make a point to interact with OTHER posts and group members.
  6. When you find someone who seems to be interesting, reach out to them and setup a one-on-one meeting to learn more about them.
  7. The purpose of the one-on-one meeting, just like in a traditional networking group, is to get to know the person and learn about their goals and their ideal client. Your job is to find out who their best referral sources are.
  8. Give back to each of the people you meet with one-on-one. Find others you can connect them to. HINT: If you do this on a regular basis, connect them to the other people in the group and give them a reason why they should connect with those exact people.
  9. If you see any questions or discussions in the group that you can contribute to, do it! But do NOT offer your products and services! Offer RESOURCES such as a blog post, a video, or an article. These can be yours or other people’s information. It is good to share different resources as this builds trusts. If you only share your own products or services, it might look like you are a shameless promoter.
  10. If you can’t actively participate in a group, then leave it. Most people have a fear that they will miss out on something if they leave, but we all know it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. So, if you are not there participating, you are already missing out and you leaving the group will not make a difference.

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