The Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Social Media

Did you ever think that social media is just like boxing? Well, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, it is. Gary Vaynerchuk is a bestselling author and a well known face in social media.

In one of his books, he compares social media to boxing and explains that it all comes down to: jab, jab, jab, right hook. That stands for give value, give value, give value, ask for what you need.

Gary talks about navigating the sometimes-overwhelming world of social media and about some big mistakes that most people make on social media. Here are a few of them.

1. You’re Not Speaking The Right Language

You’d never speak German in Egypt, right? Each social media platform, too, is a territory that deserves its own language. However, there is more to it than not posting essays on Twitter. According to Vaynerchuk, the best content is created specifically for each platform.

Right Language

The language needs to correlate with each platform and its audience. For example, the Twitter audience generally speaks an “ironic, urban” language while people on Tumbler are artsy individuals who love their animated GIFs. So, try to find out what’s the native language of the platform you’re using and learn how to speak it fluently.

2. Your Advertising Strategy is Outdated

Did you ever see those 1950’s television commercials where the Marlboro cowboy would be trying to sell you cigarettes? Back in the 50’s that kind of advertising was incredibly successful, but nowadays, things have changed in a big way.

Marketers use social media for one purpose, and one purpose only: to sell their goods or services. The people, however, use social media for entertainment and do not want to be sold to while they are relaxing and having a good time. So, if you want to reach people while they are consuming their entertainment, you will need to entertain them.

For example, Instagram is a very visual platform where users expect to see gorgeous and eye-catching images, not a boring coupon, or a snapshot of a sweater on a rack. So, the right thing to do on Instagram is to post colorful graphics, possibly a beautiful photo of your product in a cool setting, someone wearing your product and doing something cool, etc.

Don’t interrupt your audience’s entertainment – be their entertainment!

3. You Have Too Many Right Hooks

According to Vaynerchuk, the audience loves brands that “jab” a lot more often than they “right hook”, meaning ones that constantly post great content without making a sales pitch or expecting anything in return. Consumers love brands that build an emotional relationship with their audience and share moments and experiences.

Right Hooks

So, a good social media needs to be a flurry of jabs and a rare but perfect right hook. Think about your social media posting strategy. Do you have at least 10 jabs before you throw in that controlled right hook? If you don’t , you’re making a big mistake.

4. You Try to Create The Wave Instead of Riding It

The only way you can surf is by riding an existing wave, not trying to create a new one. Hashtags are just like waves. Admit it – the chances of you single-handedly getting a hashtag to trend are pretty slim. So, don’t waste your time and effort on it. Instead, focus on riding the waves that already exist – the hashtags that are trending at the moment. You need to be able to pay attention to what’s happening and jump into it. then you can easily over-index your tweet’s performance.

So, are you paying attention to what is currently popular on Twitter? Do you know what the general population is talking about? Do you jump onto an existing wave or do you jump around trying to create a wave of your own?

5. Your Tweets Are Invisible

Many people still start their tweets with an “@” and that makes the tweet invisible on their audience’s stream. The only way their followers can see the tweet is if they are following the other tagged handle as well.

It’s alright to start a tweet by tagging someone else’s account, but make sure all of your followers get to see it. You can do that by adding a period in front of the @.

6. You Consider Snapchat a Fad That Will Soon Pass

Perhaps it is just a fad and perhaps it really will pass. However, ignoring a platform whose users send 400 000 000 messages every day is not very wise. Snapchat’s audience is the next generation, individuals who are generally between the ages of 13 and 25, and this might just be the way they share and communicate. This makes snapchat and its users the present and the future.

It may be difficult to get involved in a completely new platform, but few things in life come easily. You will need to go out into unchartered territory if you want to catch a big fish. So, stop waiting for others to test out the emerging platforms! Roll up your pant-legs and be one of the first who gets into the water!

7. Stop Thinking of Yourself as Don Draper

This is no Mad Men and you don’t live in an easy world where you can spend all of your time figuring out how the print and television markets function. You are not Don Draper and the world you live in keeps changing every minute of every day.

We don’t live in a slow world. If you are ready to use social media to tell your brand’s story and are planning to use that engagement to get sales, you will need to kick the Marlboro man to the curb, ride the waves, and keep up with the micro-content.

Social media marketing is a street race, and if you’re not ready to stay up to date on all of the changes that occur, you will get lost along the way. There will be many sharp turns, as many bumps and acceleration, but you can still win if you stay current and put in real effort.

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