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Five Creative Uses for Google Alerts

Few people know about the Google Alerts tool and the numerous benefits it has. It is a real lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of interesting topics, trends, or anything new and worthy that’s on the internet. So, if you have never used this powerful tool,

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Top 50 People to Know in Social Media

There are millions of people on social media, but only a few dozens of them have what it takes to make these millions listen and turn to them for social media advice. They are the celebrities in the social media world – the top 50 people to

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9 Simple Tips For Creating Valuable Content Daily

A lot of great content is fantastic, but what your business really needs is more than just great content – it’s content that your customers will actually love! However, so many bloggers and business owners tend to ignore this fact and instead focus all of their energy

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3 Myths About Duplicate Content

“Duplicate content penalty” is one of the most feared phrases in the marketing industry. It is also extremely overused – especially by individuals with little or no SEO experience who have never taken a look at Google’s guidelines on duplicate content. Therefore, they assume that it is

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7 Great Content Marketing Tips Small Businesses Can Use

There are numerous content marketing tools that corporate marketers use, including e-books, how-to’s, comparison guides, etc. Although small businesses have usually been slow to adapt these techniques, they need to do so in order to retain good rankings and compete with the corporate marketers. Here are seven

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