Does Your Business Still Need Facebook? Why it does and How to Use It!


Have you ever seen a big company delete its Facebook page? Did you ever wonder why they did it and whether it was the best move? Copyblogger, was one of these companies. One day, they just went ahead and shut down their page, putting an end to all of the status updates, likes, and shares. Ouch!

Many begun to question why the brand took the drastic step. After all, it seemed that, with their 38,000 fans, the brand seemed to be doing quite well. The company responded with an explanation: Facebook was no longer a good use of their time. So, let’s figure out whether their decision to get rid of their Facebook presence was rash or rational.

Reasonable or impulsive?

Jon Loomer, an experienced Facebook marketer, analyzed Copyblogger’s activity on the popular platform and concluded that the brand didn’t take full advantage of Facebook and all it has to offer. Although the company complained about poor engagement and reach, Loomer’s analysis showed that that was probably caused by Copyblogger’s own lack of strategy.

An evaluation of the brand’s status updates showed that much of what the brand was posting was plain unengaging! Most posts were messages with a little bit of text and a link. There were no images in sight. Jon Loomer made it clear that Copyblogger’s page could have been saved – it was all a matter of taking the right steps. According to the marketer, Copyblogger could have revived its online presence by building an e-mail list, purchasing ads, increasing web traffic, and selling products. But they did none of these.

Perhaps, shutting down the Facebook page really was the right decision for Copyblogger. There’s no doubt that a lot of thought and deliberation must have gone into making a decision that big. But what would have happened if Copyblogger had waited and changed its strategy. Could a couple of months of paid advertisement have saved the brand’s presence on Facebook? It probably would have.

A Short Facebook and Facebook Pages Timeline

You probably noticed that organic reach is no longer the same as it used to be. In fact, the days when organic reach was almost 100% and completely free are long gone. In fact, nowadays, it’s become VERY difficult to market your business without putting money into it.

1. Facebook Pages Change it All

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook became popular. Yet, even in the short time it has been here, it has managed to revolutionize the way we communicate and do business. Facebook provided people with a fresh and efficient way to stay in touch with their family and friends and has became a new communication channel for all brands.

It’s quite interesting that when Facebook first appeared, it was unchartered territory for business and marketing, and very few businesses really realized the full potential of this platform. However, all of that changed when Facebook launched a new feature for brands.

2007 saw the appearance of Facebook Pages for Brands, which became a platform where both large and small businesses could communicate with their potential and real customers and spread awareness about their brand. In no time at all, the brands that did that saw noticeable growth. Soon enough, consumers got a chance “fan” a business. I know that I surely reached out to my favorite brands, and I’m sure you did too. It was a great chance to show them support and also to let friends know what
places and brands you like.

2. Yet One More Change – The Race For Likes

How does a business know whether it holds a high status on the Facebook community? That’s right – likes! Very soon, a large number of likes became a sign of success for brands.

The race for likes got crazy as brands begun to come up with new ways to win likes: contests, prizes, and promotions were all part of the process. Back then it was very easy – a single status update had the potential to reach practically everyone on the like lists.

3. Fast Forward to 2012

We all know that all good things come to an end. As all businesses begun to use Facebook to advertise their companies, organic reach dwindled. Facebook claimed that they were weeding out content that was bad or uninteresting. It also went ahead and introduced the option of promoting your posts to get them seen by more people.

By the end of 2013 it became clear the real reason Facebook was limiting organic reach – it wanted brands to pay money to reach their customers. Organic reach continued to decline. In 2014, the organic reach for top brands on Facebook was down over 40% and in 2015 – even less.

Of course, it all comes down to finances. Facebook is a business and they want to make money. Who doesn’t? It cannot be denied that it’s working. Facebook ads are bringing in more and more money each year. In fact, this year’s ad revenues are expected to each $16,29 billion, which is a 41.8% increase from those of 2014.

Facebook Business

Decision Time for Companies
It’s no secret that organic reach can no longer be relied on to bring in significant business. That role has been taken over by paid advertising and promoted posts. So, it is up to business owners to make the difficult decision: stick to organic reach and hope for the best or pay money and get guaranteed attention.

4 Great Reasons Not To Give Up On Facebook

It’s becoming more and more difficult to reach your customers without paying for it. Thus, it is onlynatural to have doubts about whether it is really worth it. If you are confused about what to do and whether a business really needs Facebook, here are some fantastic reasons why you shouldn’t give up on Facebook. Not yet anyway. Facebook still has a lot of value.

1. You Know That Everyone Has a Facebook Page (except Copyblogger).

Although it may seem that Facebook is on a decline, it is still incredibly popular. In fact, practically every business, big and small, has a page. That’s right! Even those that don’t yet have their own website have a Facebook page because they realize its importance for marketing. So, being on Facebook has become the norm, and if you don’t have a page, well, it makes you look very strange.

2. Engaging Content Can Still Go a Long Way

Organic reach may be on the decline, but it is still there, and that means there is great need for superb content. If you’re not focused on creating content that gets noticed and shared, start RIGHT NOW. If the content you create is really good, it will get some shares and you will get reach. You can also encourage Facebook sharing directly on your blog, if you have one. This is especially great if your blog already gets a lot of traffic as that will definitely boost your organic reach for free.

3. It’s Your Chance To Connect With Customers.

Yes, your customers may not see you in their feed, but they can still find and contact you for support. Facebook is a fantastic communication tool, and if you get rid of the page you are practically getting rid of a portion of your clients or potential clients. If you don’t want to be active on Facebook, at least leave it open so people have a chance to contact you.

4. 1.49 Billion More Reasons to Stay Active.

Facebook currently has 1.49 billion active monthly users and that number is growing. What that means is that there is bound to be someone who needs precisely what you are offering.

Also, with a huge audience like that, it seems a waste not to give them something to look at. So what if you need to pay some money to be seen? At least you will know that there will be a lot of people looking at your posts. Paid ads are not that bad, so think about it!

4 Ways To Use Facebook CORRECTLY

If you want to use Facebook but see that your profile is dying and engagement is dwindling, there are still a few tricks that can help you breathe life into it.

1. Revise Your Strategy.

This may not seem easy, but a bit of change can go a long way. Try to rethink your strategy so that it has lots and lots of engaging and powerful content. Experiment to see what days and times of day work best for your customers. Also, don’t be afraid to repurpose content. Not everybody will see your amazing post the first time around. Adapt to what your audience likes.

2. Use Images in Link Previews.

Make sure to include attractive images in your original blog posts and articles. Don’t forget that this is the image that will show up when you post the link on Facebook. Your audience will be much more likely to click on a link if it has a catchy graphic. Also, make sure to vary your images as your customers will get tired of seeing the same pictures over and over again.

3. Get Engaged With Your Audience

Make sure to respond to most posts. Your audience deserves the best experience possible and having a great relationship with you is a great part of that. Moreover, if your customers like the attention and engagement they get from you, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends. So, don’t forget to answer all of their questions and comments ASAP.

4. Buy an Ad.

That’s right! Open up that wallet and invest in an ad. You may not want to hear this but it is probably in your best interest to actually buy an ad. If your ad is successful and it reaches your target audience, you will get your money back. However, you want to make sure that your ad reaches those people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. So, small budget targeted Facebook ads can also go a really long way.

If you’re set in your decision not to spend money, you can spend more time on other social media platforms , but know that Facebook is not dead. You may not want to invest in paid ads, but chances are that having a Facebook page is in your best interest. After all, Facebook is still the largest social media marketing network in the world, and if you continue to share quality content that is engaging and shareable, you are bound to grow your business.

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