What is the Connection Club?

The connection club is an online networking club designed to get you more leads, exposure and build lifetime relationships. It is designed on the concept of “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine”. You are able to leverage other people’s lists and online social media connections while helping others get connected to people you know.

How does it work?

You are assigned to a group with 24 other businesses that are a compliment to your business. Each month you are given a production schedule. You promote 2 members in your group each  month to your email list and Social Networks. You are promoted by 2 members each month.

If every member only has 250 connections, you would be exposed to 6000 new connections in a year. To duplicate this you would have to be exposed to 25 new people every week day for a year.

You get to do minimal effort and receive maximum results.

What makes this different?

There are two very significant differences in this networking club:

  1. You are given a promotion schedule so there is no begging or wishing or hoping someone will promote you. You know exactly who is promoting you and when.
  2. We understand how busy running a business can be. For that reason, we have added in Connection Concierges to help you get everything setup.

What is a Connection Concierge? It is a live person that will meet with you one on one to help you get your personal member’s site setup, upload the promotional content you want others to share and to help you schedule out the promotions on your promotions calendar.

Connection Concierges serve as a guide and as someone who will hold each member accountable to “getting  things done”. It is like having your own personal assistant and business coach to make sure things work out the way we planned.

What is the investment?

We like to think the investment is PRICELESS. If you were to compare what most business professionals invest in a networking group for a year. The average cost is around $400 a year plus travel time plus time each month to meet. And really there is no guarantee that you will get any leads or be promoted within the group. We are NOT knocking networking groups – in fact, we love playing with them to take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

Our investment is a $100 setup. This gets you your own microsite that you customize with the help of your Connection Concierge and access into our own private members area.

Then it is $100 per month. We figure if you land just one client in a year, that would cover your costs for the group. Most professionals find they triple the size of their list, generate several new clients and get priceless online exposure that brings them a ton of traffic to their site.

PLUS we have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t generate 3X your investment in a year, we will reimburse your entire investment plus give you $1000. You must complete a monthly performance review sheet to qualify.

What happens after a year?

After a year, if you are like most members you are enjoying all the results you generated: a bigger list, more online connections, more traffic to your site, brand new clients, great referrals and 24 new awesome friends that you are super gratetful to know.

Now, we move you to a new group to start the promotion schedule again. AND we give you a simple monthly task to stay in contact with the other members you made friends with. This keeps building the relationships you made while you continue to make even more lifetime friendships.

What does the Membership Include?

Your Connection Club Membership Includes:

  • Being in a group of 24 other professionals, who are not competitors
  • Promotion of 2 members each month including you.
  • A Personal Microsite that you customize which is included in an online business directory for more exposure.
  • Personal Support by one of our Connections Concierges. A personal guide who helps you setup your microsite and makes sure everyone in your group gets their promotions scheduled.
  • Your group will interact, support each other and celebrate successes in a Private Facebook group.
  • Each week your group is given a 15 minute weekly challenge, designed to get everyone in the group generating more results.
  • Your investment is lower than most useless marketing courses.

Yearly membership comes with a Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t generate 3X your investment in a year, we will refund your entire investment plus $1000. A monthly review sheet must be filled out to qualify.

What are the 15 Minute Weekly Challenges all about?

When you are playing as a group there are advantages. Each week, we give you a simple to implement or simple to do task to do as a group.

For instance, we might have each member post a link to a post they did in a Social Network and then have each member go in and comment, share and like the post. Imagine, 24 people liking, sharing and commenting on your post.

Or we might show you a way to build your list by 100 new people. Imagine if everyone in the group increased their mailing list by 100. That means you would get exposure to an extra 2400 people in a year.

We have designed and developed several 15 minute challenges just like these to help you build our own list and network while increasing exposure.

What type of businesses is this good for?

We have found that the businesses that are the most successful are the traditional ones. Attorneys, Coaches, Consultants, Accounting Types, Sales, Marketing, Office Supplies, Printing, Designers, Developers, Real Estate, Mortgage, Chiropractors, Doctors, Specialists, Speakers, Authors and more…..etc.

If you are a business owner that speaks to promote your business, you will find an extra advantage in the group as you can leverage the group to find more speaking engagements as well.

What won’t work are pyschics (but they already know that) and really any unusual healing business. If it involves Gongs or Chi or Ancient Wisdom it might be a little difficult for the traditional business owner to promote.

Also, we don’t accept any business that is religious, political or promotes seasonal things. Again, everyone has a different belief system.  We want to make it easy for others to promote.

What guarantee do you offer?

Yearly membership comes with a Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t generate 3X your investment in a year, we will refund your entire investment plus $1000. A monthly performance review sheet must be filled out to qualify.


Most business owners don’t realize they are sitting on a “goldmine”. We show you how to discover the gold that is already in your business and transform it into a lifetime of leads, referrals, and sales. Before you invest in another marketing program or Social Media course, see what we are doing to get you results.


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