Five Creative Uses for Google Alerts

Few people know about the Google Alerts tool and the numerous benefits it has. It is a real lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of interesting topics, trends, or anything new and worthy that’s on the internet. So, if you have never used this powerful tool, here are some great ideas to help you get started and put it to work for you!

Do Searches to See Who’s Talking About You And What They Are Saying

A huge advantage of Google Alerts is that it makes it possible to see how often you are talked about on the web and what the people are saying. In fact, this is probably the most popular of Google Alerts’ uses. People use the tool to find out the public’s opinion about their brand, the company their work for, their startup, or about them personally. It lets you get the same services that PR companies charge a lot of money for without paying a dime.

Accused Businessman

It doesn’t matter whether you want to hear what people are saying about your company, your blog, or you personally – Google Alerts makes it a piece of cake to perform such searches. To do such a vanity search you need to type your own name or that of your company into the search query. To narrow down your search, you will need to choose whether you want to see all results or only the high quality ones. To make sure you get the results, specify how you want them sent to you and when you want them delivered. Google Alerts can get them to you through email or an RSS feed you can subscribe to. You may or may not want to set up filters to narrow down the results you see, all depending on your popularity. Such filters should be set up in advance.

Keep Track of The News from Away

Nowadays, more and more people are traveling and spending time away from their home town. So, if you have moved or are living somewhere else but still feel the need to stay informed about what is happening in your home town or neighborhood, Google Alerts is here to help.

All you need to do is change the search settings to your hometown, neighborhood, or home country. You can even go as far as setting a zip code – this will really get you specific updates. This is a great way to keep an eye on the news and crime alerts in places where your loved ones live, and a way to be one of the first to hear if someone you were friends with or went to school with, makes the news.

Google Alerts is a Google tool and you can use it much the same way as many of Google’s other tools. To narrow down your search, you can type in as many words as you want – just like you would in a normal Google search. You can also use quotations to get an exact match for long phrases or names.

Keep up With the News and Current Events

Nowadays, many of us are absorbed in the upcoming election, while others are staying up to date on the ongoing conflicts going on in Syria, or on some other events or proceedings. However, with all the channels and information we have access too, it’s hard to find the time to keep track of everything, not to mention the fact that it is just too overwhelming. There are just too many reports and too much information out there! Google Alerts solves this problem. This powerful tool gives you the possibility to control your news stream and narrow it down to the topic or topics you are interested in.

What you can do is search for the topic you are keeping tabs on and set the frequency of the report you want to receive. Once a day is the most optimal option as it lets you keep tabs on the issue that you’re following and get a great digest without spending too much time reading the latest reports. One of the things some people use this Google tool for is to get a “morning snapshot” of news that happened during the night.

If the issue you’re interested in is slow-developing, setting your Google Alerts to “once a week” may be enough. If, on the other hand, it’s important for you to find out about the news right away, you can change the settings to “As-It-Happens” and Google will show you the just-published news stories as soon as these are indexed. Although, big news always gets to Twitter of Facebook faster, the news update you will get from Google Alerts will still be incredibly fast.

News and Current Events

If, however, current events are not your thing, and instead you prefer to stay updated on news regarding new technology, entertainment, or a specific person, such as an actor or politician, Google Alerts can also help you. Just tweak the settings to show you what you want to know. If you have a favorite musician or comedian, you can get Google to send you an update when he or she posts a new video. You can also keep track of what’ going on in the lives of your favorite celebs without being a stocker. Google Alerts lets you get all the information you need in one place without having to spend hours surfing the web.

Do a Search for Discounts, Sales, Coupon Codes, and Promotions

Do you love bargain hunting? If you do, you will love Google Alerts! The tool lets you set an alert for discounts or coupon codes from a retailer you like, and just wait to get notified when these appear. Of course, you are bound to get a lot of these offers and that means you will still need to sift through them, but you are bound to find something of value. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of checking up on your retailer every day to see if they have new discounts, but you will also be one of the first ones to find out about these coupons and sales. This is especially great if you are waiting for a discount code that is limited to a few hundred users, or any other offer where timing is everything.

You will need to set the search to the type of coupon or discount you want without being too specific, and set the result quality as broad as possible. Now, just sit back and let Google take care of the rest.

Find Your Perfect Job

If you are out of a job or looking for a better one. Google Alerts is here to help. You can search for a job opening and have Google send you new results and newly posted job ads as soon as these appear. This way, you can apply right away and never again worry about missing out on an opportunity. Instead of scouring numerous job boards over and over again, you can target only those companies you are interested in working for. Another option is to search for the exact type of job you are looking for. You can be certain that you will be one of the first people to hear about the job opening because, no matter what job site you pick, it is indexed by Google.

Targeting specific positions or companies is your best chance for success as it lets you find options that are the most relevant to what you need. This way, you can keep tabs on your future gig without putting too much effort into it, and apply as soon as you find out about the opportunity.

There are other alert tools available, such as Mention and Talkwalker Alerts, but they work in much of the same way. Google Alerts is one of Google’s most powerful and useful apps, and it is sad that few people know about all of the possibilities it has to offer. So, if you have a search that you do on a regular basis, use Google Alerts and it will automate it for you.

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