How to Grade Your Blog

Grade Your Blog

There are millions of blogs and blogs posts out there, all of them completely different. So, how do grade a blog and determine whether it’s good or not?
If you want your blog to do well, you need to constantly evaluate and grade it, making sure it passes every time. Here are some factors every blog should be evaluated on. Keep in mind that much of this is subjective, so it’s up to you to make the call on whether or not to give the blog a point.

1. Writing quality

Quality is important – don’t ever forget that! Unfortunately, there are so many blog posts with low quality writing. It seems that they were written for the sole purpose of “just to publish something” . That is no way to blog. Each posts needs to be well-written and well-crafted, making it engaging and interesting to read. After all, people like posts that are fun and have a strong point of view .

So, read the post and ask yourself whether it’s something you would subscribe too. If it is – great! Give the blog post 1 point! But if you find it hard just to finish reading the text – the only thing it deserves is a big fat “0”.

2. Useful

A post must offer value to the reader. If it’s not useful and readers learn nothing new from it, there’s very little value to the blog. A good blog must leave the reader with useful information and help them make the right decisions. It must “teach” and not “preach”. If the blog educates the reader, award it another point.

3. Looks good

Although it may seem that a blog is all about the text, the design is also incredibly important. People are visual learners and they are attracted to things that look good. This does not mean you need to hire a designer and create a masterpiece – the blog must simply provide a pleasant reading experience.

There page should have a nice layout, with a clear heading and several subheadings that make it easy for the reader to skim the writing. The typography should be attractive and the paragraphs – short. Remember – nobody wants to read a wall of continuous text. There should also be enough white space to please the eye. So, take a look at the blog post. If it’s attractive and you can easily navigate it – give it a “1”. If it’s a wall of text, it deserves a “0”.

4. Images

Once again – we’re visual learners and few people will want to read a text without pictures, especially if it’s a very long one. That is why it is important for a blog post to contain at least one eye-catching and attractive visual. The longer the posts – the move images it should have. These will help to break up the text and make it easier to read. If the post is a tutorial, it’s a good idea to have images that show how everything is done.

5. Easy to share

Content marketing and social media go hand in hand, and bloggers need to understand that. By adding social media share buttons to each post and putting them in a clearly visible place, bloggers can get their posts shared more frequently. It’s also a good idea to include “ready made” tweets as well as to encourage readers to share the content. The easier it is to share – the better! A blogger that understands this – gets a point, while one that runs an “anti-social” blog gets nothing in the report card.

6. Earns shares

A good post gets shared and re-shared. That’s the purpose of the blog. So, take a look at the share counters. If it’s not getting any shares, that’s usually a good sign that the blog post not doing too well. Of course, that is not always the case as not all blogs have counters, and some are still new, but the number of shares still remains a good indicator.

7. Keywords

There’s little use to the blog if no one reads it, and the way to bring people to the site is to have it appear in the search results. To do that, the headlines need to have words or phrases that people search for. Any title that has a phrase that no one will ever type in the search bar will ever get many visitors, no matter how compelling a title it is. It’s important that a blog is attractive to both people and search bots.


8. Internal links

A good blog aims to increase your engagement and get you to stay on the website longer. The way that can be achieved is through links that lead to other posts or pages on the same site, also offering value to the reader. If the blog post has no internal links, it does not deserve a point.

9. External links

Does the post have any external links? A good blog post does. After all, having such links means that the writer did their research, cited the sources, and recognized the people that contributed information or knowledge to the post. External links help add credibility to a blog post.

10. Call to action

If the blog is a business blog, it should support the company’s marketing efforts. If the blog post impressed the reader and they read it through to the end, there’s a chance of them following through to the next step. However, that can only be done if the blog posts directs them there. That’s what a call to action is for – to tell the reader what to do next. Calls to action can be anything from “ leave a comment” to “follow us on social media” to try out product”, etc. A blog that does not miss this fantastic marketing opportunity and has a call to action deserves a point.

Now that you’ve graded your blog in accordance to this criteria, it’s time to add up all the points and make the right conclusion. Did you pass? Most people don’t. But don’t despair! All this means is that there’s a lot of room for improvement and change, the result of which will be an engaging and successful blog.

You can use this report card to grade both your own blog, if you have it, and other blogs too. You can even grade your competitors and see whether their blog is stronger or weaker than yours. If you find one that’s a perfect 10 – use it as inspiration – a blog that excels in everything a blog can. If that blog is yours – congrats! If, however, your score is not a 10, at least now you know what needs improvement and can put in a little work to get it to the level it needs to be. Remember, report cards are used for a reason – they help us see what our strong and weak points are!

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