How to Make The Most Out of your Marketing Strategy

Imagine yourself and your business a year from now. Do you want to be exactly where you are right now? Very few business owners would say “yes”. After all, most are looking to grow and delegate. They want to spend less time working “in” the business and more – working “on” the business.

Marketing Strategy

So, how do you get from where you are right now to where you want to be with your business?

It all boils down to good marketing! Let’s face it: ineffective marketing is a key cause business are losing new customers as well as new opportunities. The other key component to getting your business ahead is truly understanding the value of each customer/client in your business.

Having worked with thousands of businesses over the last 14 years, I have come up with 5 really great marketing questions to ask yourself. But before you read them, I have to warn you: some business owners will to start to read and instantly skip over the questions! There are millions of excuses they can come up with: “I’m to busy to read this”, “this is someone else’s responsibility”, or “things are growing just fine and there is no need to bother”, or any other excuse. If that’s you, stop making excuses and start analyzing your business!

These questions are crucial! In fact, if you don’t know the answers, you’ve already lost control of your business and are losing out on huge growth opportunities. OUCH!

  1. What are the top 10 things you want to accomplish this year? Be specific. If you want to get more customers: How many more? Do you want to speak at conferences? Which ones?
  2. How much money does your average customer/client spend with you in their first year?
  3. How much money does your average customer/client spend with you each year (not counting the first)?
  4. How many new customers/clients did you generate last year?
  5. How many repeating customers/clients did you have last year?

Here is what is really fun about the above questions. If you want to go from point A to point B, you need to understand exactly what will get you there. If you are able to answer these questions right now, you must have a rough idea of how much your business was able to generate last year.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t able to answer the questions, or if the numbers you just calculated are way off of your actual ones, you desperately need to take some time to figure everything out. Go back and look at your last year’s invoices. Take notice of how much was being spent by your new clients, and how much – by your old ones.

If your average new client is worth $1000 in the first year and $200 – for every repeat year, then it is very easily to do the math. A business that brought in 200 new clients and had 100 returning ones, would have $200,000 in new business and $20,000 in repeat business, for a total of $220,000 for the year.

Business Plan

We know this is NOT profit. This is a rough estimate of how your business did. Once you have the calculated values, you can compare them to how much the business actually made. If your numbers are way off, then you know that some adjustments need to be made. If the two numbers are close, then you really do have a good idea of what each client is worth to the business.

The next part is even easier: simply figure out how much revenue you want your business to have for the year. In this case, lets say the business owner wanted to go from $220,000 in revenue to $1 Million. We know they would get $60,000 in repeat sales from the existing clients, meaning that, if they did nothing different in their business, the business would still need to generate 1000 new clients for that year.

Then, the big question is: “how can we generate 1000 new clients for the year?”

The biggest clue comes from looking at the existing clients. Where did the 300 existing clients come from?

If you really think about where all of these clients came from, you will start to see key referral sources . I, for example, have seen my business triple several times. When I went back to figure out what exactly happened,I realized that over 90% of our clients came from my speaking engagements. I did over 100 speaking engagements a year, and it’s no wonder that our business tripled!

The biggest challenge for most businesses is that they have no clue about the source of business because they don’t do a good job writing down where the referrals and leads originated from. Many people say that the internet is to blame and that it is making it harder and harder to track the source of the referrals or leads. However, finding the source is not that difficult if you ask your customers/clients how they ended up choosing your company? Here are some questions you may ask:

  • What made you choose our company? Do you remember where you saw us initially?
  • Can you share with me how long you had been considering this purchase?
  • What were the steps you took to get here?
  • Where else did you see our company that may have influenced your purchase?

It is amazing what people are willing to tell you. All of the answers you get are marketing clues, and as the expression goes: “Success leaves clues”. Unfortunately, most business owners are not willing to play detective. They don’t have time to bother with these questions. For those that do, the focus and intention can produce great growth for the business! WOO HOO!

Once you know what you want to accomplish for the business, you can simply reverse-engineer it to understand what you need to do each month. When you get really good at understanding what each customer/client is worth to your business and where the majority of your leads/referrals are originating from, then you can start to put together a simple formula that will help you calculate exactly how much of each action you need to do to generate the result you want.

One of the biggest opportunities for a business to grow is having a GREAT marketing system. This is a system where all the leads from all sources converge and you can effectively follow up with each of them until they “buy or die” (as my friend Eric Lofholm would say). A great marketing system includes and ties together traditional networking, speaking, and Social Media.

Whether you are just getting started with Social Media or are looking to take things to the next level, we are here to make a positive difference. To get started, schedule a 30 minute interactive session where we can answer some of your biggest questions and give you direction on how to accelerate your online efforts.


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