The Psychology of Color: How It Affects the Way We Buy

How It Affects the Way

Color is known to have a huge impact on all people and that’s why it’s not surprising that it’s a fundamental part of marketing. So, whether you are choosing the right color for your brand, your product, or your email marketing campaign, it’s crucial to understand that different colors are associated with different things.

Few people realize this but there is a lot more to color than its ability to attract attention and appeal to us in a visual way. Different colors trigger different powerful psychological cues and evoke different feelings and emotions. In fact, almost 85% of all consumers claim that color is the main reason they choose one color over the other. That is because the majority of people make a decision about a product based on its appearance, and color is what’s responsible for improving readability and comprehension.

It does not matter whether you are a consumer who’s choosing a color to paint your room or a professional designer, it’s important to understand the power of color psychology so that you can make the best decisions.

There is no denying the importance of color, and this color infographic can really help you choose the most appropriate color for your project.

Psychology of Color

Marketing with Color Psychology

Most colors have a proven psychological impact on people. Understanding that connection is enough to significantly improve the effectiveness of your company’s branding methods. So, while you are making your branding and marketing decisions, make sure to think about the psychological impact colors have on people. That will help reach your target audience much more effectively. After all, color psychology is an important part of any visual discipline, even if you don’t realize it. You can use it to determine what colors to pick for your website, logo, brand image, etc.

What colors to choose for your marketing campaign?

There are several ways to pick the right color for your marketing campaign. One way is to determine what feelings and emotions you want your brand to be associated with and choose the color that evokes those feelings. For example, one of the best colors to use in marketing is green. It is linked to wealth, tranquility, and nature. So, it’s a fantastic color to choose if you want your customers to feel calm and relaxed around your brand or if you want them to feel like using your product or working with your company will bring them money and wealth.

Orange is another fantastic color to use in marketing. It symbolizes friendliness and confidence, both of which are qualities many customers look for in a brand. The color will encourage them to trust your brand and invest in your product or service. Also, the color orange is usually very bright and attention grabbing, and that can be used to get the client’s attention. That makes orange a great color for headings and calls to action.

There are several ways to pick the right color for your marketing campaign. If you have a color in mind, you can look at the other companies that are currently associated with it and see whether they are spreading the same message you want your brand to spread. For instance, if you are considering using green, you might look into Starbucks, Animal Planet, and Whole Foods, all of whom use the color green to indicate their connection with nature.

Interestingly enough, people often make connections and associations with certain colors without ever realizing it. What people feel for one brand can be automatically transferred to another brand that uses the same color. This is the main reason why blue is the most popular color for social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype all use the color blue to build on each other’s success. Another reason why blue is such a popular color is because is has a tendency to relax people and build a sense of trust and security. Many social media sites choose blue because they want their users to trust their site and feel relaxed enough to openly post and share.

A little understanding of the subconscious psychological effects colors have on people can go a long way in helping a branding campaign reach success. Being aware of the effects of color can help create an effective brand image or website and help you market your brand’s image in a visually – stimulating way as well and target your niche audience. Whether your business involves website design, graphic design, or any other visual design, the psychology of color can become a helpful and beneficial tool to use. So, take advantage of colors and use them to your brand’s advantage.

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