The Top 15 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

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Social Media’s popularity is record high right now, and it’s no wonder that over 90% of all businesses take advantage of it. After all, it’s only natural to want to tap into the huge audience and use it to increase the brand’s sales and profit.

However, if you want social media to serve as an effective marketing strategy and bring in profit, it will take much more than just creating an account and publishing a few posts. There are many obstacles on the ways and mistakes that can be made. By understanding what these are, it is possible to learn not only how to avoid them, but also how to increase your ROI and get the most out of social media. So, here are the top 15 social media mistakes people make.

#1. Lack of strategy

With so many people and businesses online, users are bombarded with information and posts every minute. The only way a business can make its voice and its messages heard over all of the clatter is by having a well developed social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, only about a fifth of all businesses say that their social media marketing strategy is developed and mature.

An effective strategy needs to have a distinct social media policy, clear and measurable goals, and a developed brand voice. It also requires the development of a concise content calendar with all of the planned-out goals. If a business does not have a concise strategy, chances are that it will not be able to receive significant engagement, even with the best content on the internet.

#2. Lack of integration with other digital assets

Social media is great but it is much more powerful if it is integrated with other digital marketing efforts. All of the accounts need to be tied to websites, emails, profiles, and paid search advertising campaigns; the cannot exist on their own. One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is not connecting these accounts and that can lead to less reach.

Common Twitter Mistakes

#3. No graphics

Statistics show that tweets with graphics get twice as much engagement as those without them. This is all due to the fact that images make the tweets take up much more space in the feed, and therefore get noticed more and increase engagement. Although not all tweets need to have an image, it is a good marketing strategy to post images whenever possible. This will attract more user attention to the post.

#4. Not taking advantage of hashtags

Hashtags are key to a successful Twitter strategy, so if you’re not using them, it’s time to start. Brands can boost their own engagement by trending relevant topics and inserting themselves into conversation. A hashtag makes it easier for a business to discover its target audience, grow its influence, and reach a huge number of non-followers, but this can only be done if the hashtags are strategically chosen. For instance, a businesses can post an old image or ad with the #throwbackthursday hashtag to take part in the popular and long-lasting Thursday conversation. This would attract attention and get more engagement without sounding promotional.

#5. Lacking a clear voice

Lacking a clear voice

It is very important for each brand to develop a clear personal voice and strategy and determine what the posts will say and how they will say it. This means finding a balance between sounding too personal and too businesslike. Although posts that are funny and unique are great for making the brand seem more human and easy to relate to, such posts should never insult other businesses, get into arguments, or advance the unrelated interests of brand executives. This will only create backlash for the brand.

On the other hand, messages that sound like they were written or sent out by robots are also bound to fail. This means staying away from sending the same message over and over again. They key to success is developing a brand voice that is consistent and human, all at the same time.

Common Facebook Mistakes

#6. Not posting images or posting wrong-sized images

A study done by Zabisco showed that 40% of people respond better to images than to plain text, and therefore it’s not surprising that graphics have the potential to create great engagement. Images get more likes, comments, and impressions than the other types of Facebook posts, so if you want your post to get noticed, attach an attention-grabbing graphic to it.

Many users post images but pay no attention to their sizes, thinking that size and dimensions make no difference. This is a huge mistake. You want to take advantage of all the space Facebook has allowed you and this means optimising the image size. Each platform has an optimal size, and Facebook has several, depending on where the image is uploaded to. The dimensions for an average Facebook post should be 1,200 x 628 pixels.

#7. Leaving a URL in a post

As soon as you add a link to a post, Facebook ads an image directly from the site that users can click on to get redirected. After that link is created, there is no longer a need for the URL in the post. It may seem like no big deal but the URL doesn’t look good in a post and makes it seem like the person who posted has no idea how this facebook feature works. So, brands need to take the extra second and delete the URL.

#8. Lack of interaction with followers

Social media is called “social” for a reason – it is designed to be a place where people interact and communicate. Thus, it is only natural for the audience to expect brands to be responsive and open for communication. This means addressing the questions and complains that the audience has, responding to posts, and commenting back. This will make the audience feel a stronger connection to the brand, leading to a better relationship.

A brand needs to have a developed strategy about how it will respond to both good and bad comments, and how it will react in a crisis. This does not mean the the brand needs to respond to every single comment, but doing so once in awhile builds trust and a more personal relationship, which leads to bigger sales and increased mouth marketing.

Common Google Plus Mistakes

#9. Not creating a Google+ account in the first place

Sure, Google+ is no Facebook and it’s not as popular as most of the other social media networks out there, but it still has numerous advantages. First and foremost, it is directly integrated with the Google Search results, and that is a huge bonus to any search engine optimization strategy or digital marketing strategy. It is Google Plus that will get your brand noticed when users search for it.

#10. Not taking advantage of Google circles or communities

The Google+ circles make it possible for brands to sort their audience into groups and share different content with different groups. This is a huge plus, as brands can create specialized content that appeals to a specific audience and share it with that circle of individuals. Businesses can divide their audience by age, interests, job, or any other criteria that’s applicable, and market to them directly. This will build engagement and increase conversion rates. If the business does not make use of the circles, each piece of content will be shared with every single user, even if it does not apply to them.

Common Pinterest Mistakes

#11. Not adding descriptions or prices

Pinterest may seem like it’s all about pictures, but images are not enough for the network to bring in substantial traffic and boost sales. Descriptions and prices are also incredibly important. In fact, a study was done on this and it showed that rich pins with prices get 36% more repins and likes than the regular pins. The price invites the users to click the link and the description serves two roles: it gives the customer information about the product and it lets the pin show up in the search results. That is why descriptions need to be as detailed as possible and use words that people would use in a search. Unfortunately, many brands still post pictures without taking a second to add a description and a price to the pin, thus, loosing a lot of potential business.

#12. Lack of active images

What gets people to notice something is visual stimulation. That means bright, active images that show the product or service in action. These will get much more attention than static ones. For example, instead of posting a pair of shoes on a stand, post a photo of someone wearing the shoes and doing something exciting. A recent study showed that factors such as color, human faces, and the white color get more engagement. Still, businesses continue to post dull and lifeless photos that get little engagement.

#13. Forgetting to link back to the product page

The easier it is for the customer to find and buy the product, the higher the chances of them actually doing it. Therefore, brands need to make it easy for the customer to find the product by linking directly to it or to the page it’s found on. If that’s not done, every extra move a customer has to make to get to the product can result in them changing their mind about buying your product or service.

Common mistakes on Instagram

#14. Ineffective use of hashtags

The purpose of the hashtags is to let people filter through the thousands upon thousands of posts on Instagram to find something specific. Although it may seem like a great thing that there is no limit to the number of hashtags that can be attached to the Instagram image, but that does not mean that hashtags should be overused. Some brands add a lot of hashtags to get seen in places where they don’t organically belong, and that’s spamming no customer likes. So, it is important for brands to add only the hashtags that are relevant to the image they are posting.

#15. Not providing content users demand

Instagram is not the network for static normal ads, and should not be used as such. It gets the best results when it is used to show the personality of the brand through behind the scenes photos, or snapshots of what makes the brand special. Posting photos of the team laughing or working on the project together will get much better results than photos of the finished product or project. It’s such behind the scenes photos that help consumers feel a personal connection to the brand, which leads to more followers, likes, and shares.

Social media has incredible potential, but in order to tap into it and achieve success, businesses need to find their own voice and develop a social media marketing strategy. Avoiding these 15 mistakes can help brands create a successful marketing strategy and use the social networks effectively to increase sales and get more engagement. It is also important to keep in mind that social media is constantly changing, which means that each marketing strategy will need to be monitored and updated from time to time, no matter how good it is.

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