Why Your Leads Are Angry With You

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When it comes to new leads, there is nothing more effective than a fast response. In fact, statistics show that the vendor that’s the first to respond gets 35-50% of sales. Moreover, the Lead Management Study showed that calling a lead within the first five minutes increases the chances of making further contact with the lead by 100 times and boosts the odds of qualifying a lead by 21 times.

Here are a few more useful statistics:

  • 63% of all people who request information on your company will take at least three months to purchase your product, and 20% of them will take over a year (Source: Marketing Donut).
  • Only 2% of all deals are closed at a first contact, 3% on the second, 5% in the third, 10% on the fourth, and 80% – on the 5th to 12th contact following the first (Source: Marketing Donut).
  • Nurtured leads make 47% more and bigger purchases than the non-nurtured ones (Source: Aberdeen Research).
  • Brand who do a lot of quality lead nurturing get 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost(Source: Forrester Research).
  • 44% of all salespeople stop making contact and give up after 1 follow up (Source: Marketing Donut)

What does this tell you? Lead nurturing has great potential, but few marketers actually take advantage of it. The results it brings can be phenomenon, but only if you don’t give up after the first follow up.


Social Media

Statistics show that almost 93% of all businesses have social media profiles, yet they only respond to less than a third of all the feedback from the fans. That is a huge mistake because almost half of all online users make their purchase decision based on what they see and how well they are treated on social media. So, that is why it is so important to treat new leads just like you would your first date with someone special. Leads like to be nurtured just like first dates like to be courted and called back after the date. New leads prefer to get to know you well before they make the decision to invest in your product or service. They want to be the one to make the decision, and when you stop making contact with your leads after the first or second try, the leads get angry with you for not following up.

So, treat your lead generation just like you would a caring date scenario. They are people, not just leads, and you should treat them accordingly. Communicate with them just like you would with someone who you really want to have a strong and lasting relationship with. You do that, and you will see easily convert them from simple leads to paying customers.

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