“I hired someone to bring me to the world of Social Media and that person was Sabrina Gibson and she is incredible.  You need to have her on your team.”

Robert Allen
Best Selling Author


“The Social Success Academy has grown my business from obscurity to top ranking and established me as an expert in my field. Best business investment you can make to have an impact online.”

Wayne Busch
America Rides Maps


“Marketing Genius! That pretty much sums it up. Some companies are great at creativity, others at strategy and still others at bottomline results – yours has it all. You are able to create and implement successful plans.”

Katherine Moody
Get Everything You Want - geteverythingyouwant.com


“I have found Social Success Academy to be extremely valuable to building the brand and reputation of me personally as well as my business.”

Tom Hubbard


“Social Success Academy is phenomenal! They have tremendous knowledge when it comes to marketing, particularly social networking and creating an online presence. My business is already starting to reap the benefits of their efforts.”

Todd Creager
Sex and Marriage Therapist


“I had an existing client recommend me to a friend (in real life) who could not remember my website. She googled me, found me on Twitter, clicked my website link and purchased my product.  Commission while I was sleeping.  Your system works!”

Karen Keating


The Connection Club is built on the concept of “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine”. We align you with 24 other entrepreneurs with the same goal – to generate more leads and exposure for their business. Now you have the power to tap into 24 entrepreneurs connections and influence.

Even better, one of our Connection Concierges (yes! A real-life person) is assigned to your group to hold everyone accountable and keep everyone on track.Each group is made up of complementary businesses.


There is nothing more exciting than having someone else share your product, service, book or event.In fact, the fastest way to grow your business is through other people’s connections.

The difference between entrepreneurs who are mildly successful and wildly successful is simply – the wildly successful know how to effectively network.

How does the average entrepreneur grow their company on a tight budget and in less than a year to a 6 figure business? They effectively network and find referral partners.

The biggest challenge most entrepreneurs face is that they don’t know how to find referral partners and get them effectively promoting. And frankly, most can’t stand the thought of asking others to do something for them.

With a few hours, you are being promoted and effortlessly promoting others.Each week you are given fun 15 minute or fewer challenges that help your group get more results and exposure.

We have found this is an effective tool for existing networking groups that want to take things to a whole new level and be more proactive AND entrepreneurs who feel alone trying to do everything.

Instead of trying to figure out complex Social Media strategies or hard to understand list building methods, we show you how to leverage your existing connections as a group so you all generate more.

We have a STRONG Money Back Guarantee.If you don’t generate 3X your investment within a year, we will refund your investment and give you $1000. You must complete a Proof of Completion to qualify.

We do all the heavy lifting and you enjoy all the rewards.


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Most business owners don’t realize they are sitting on a “goldmine”. We show you how to discover the gold that is already in your business and transform it into a lifetime of leads, referrals, and sales. Before you invest in another marketing program or Social Media course, see what we are doing to get you results.


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